How does it work? I conduct two-way telepathic dialogue with animals, of any species, both here and on the ‘other side’. This allows the animal to have their voice, and their ‘person’(s) the satisfaction of knowing their pet is fulfilled in their wishes, needs and desires. Readings are conducted via phone, video and in-person.

Do you have questions about how it works? Check out Frequently Asked Questions.

*Gift Certificates Available. Terms and conditions apply.  See policy below.

Accepted Payments: E-mail Bank Transfer (EMT) and PayPal 
//  Email (currently unavailable)
//  Phone 

In-depth written response to your pre-set questions, plus messages that the animal wishes to communicate; includes another round of dialogue to further the conversation, and gain clarity as required. Currently on hold due to volume of requests. Inquire within.


A person-to-person, over-the-phone conversation, 20, 30, 45, or 60-minutes. No audio recording available.

//  Video Conference Call
//  In-Person 
Video Conference

A face-to-face, virtual conversation, 20, 30, 45, or 60-minutes, using Zoom, and other software/apps available. These appointments include video recording.

A 'Dolittle House Call' is an in-person sit down exchange. Servicing the Greater Toronto Area. Duration: 60-75 minutes. 
Save Our Scruff (S.O.S) Need It Now - Video or Phone

Sometimes things just happen, and it's all paws on deck. I get it!
If you 're at the end of your leash and in need of an appointment on short notice please email with the Subject: Need It Now (SOS)

S.O.S. appointments are 30-minutes in durations, and typically received within 2-3 business days. Special rates apply.
Reiki Healing Service 

 Reiki is a wonderful complimentary therapy to veterinary work. It is used to support animals with everything from arthritis, digestive disorders, anxiety, post-surgical recovery, and many other health conditions. Reiki can be administered to animals big and small, any age, shape or species. 

Add Reiki to your session or book a separate appointment.
In-person and distance Reiki available.

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Animal attendance is not required; this is the beauty of telepathic communicatons


Reading rates are and policies subject to change without notice.
To obtain an up-to-date price list please email: 



Giving the gift of animal communication is comparable to giving perfume or food, it's not everyone's taste and each of us has a unique preference. So, while some people love surprises, be sure to ask the gift recipient if animal communication is something that they want, and will make use of.

Why is this important?

Gift certificates are issued as digital PDF files (no print copies available), they are one-time use; hold no cash value; are non transferable and non refundable. Meg's gift certificates expire six months from the date of purchase. Note: To ensure the gift recipient receives an appointment, please email, at minimum, 3o days prior to the expiration date. *This paragraph is written on the certificate.


Themes or issues that may be brought to the surface during an animal communications reading:
  • Help for rescue animals
  • Animals new to the household
  • Past history of the animal 
  • Lost animals and why they left 
  • Issues between animals in the home 
  • Behaviour issues such as defecating in unwanted places
  • Hierarchy of animals in the home 
  • Compatibility of choosing a new animal companion with other animals in the home
  • Reincarnation issues
  • Connecting with an animal in spirit that has crossed over
  • Preparing to help your animal companion cross over

  • Identifying stressors affecting an animal
  • Toxic environments
  • Improving training and awareness
  • Human relationships and/or behaviours affecting an animal 
  • Food choices that are not biocompatible with an animal
*Not all will be brought up in a reading.