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“I came across Meg and was very intrigued by her ability as an animal communicator. Meg made contact with my Oliver (and our first dog, Winnie--both deceased) and was very accurate. Receiving messages via Meg was so emotional, but in a good way. I cannot say enough good things about how thorough Meg is and the fact that this how she chooses to honor animals is something very special”.

Sherri N.G., New Jersey
(Email Reading)

“My first session with Meg was indescribably good, and I know there will be more. We have had consultations with other pet communicators, some better than others, but this was outstanding. She took it to another level, that I had not experienced. I wanted to check in with my dogs but it was so much more! She connected with each of my dogs, and helped me understand how I could help them. Then she listened to what they had to say. This was life altering!”

Diane M., Texas
(Phone Reading)

"I had the privilege of meeting Meg, she's a very in tune and an intuitive young woman, I had given her a task of reading 10 animals in my household, this was a first for her, but she read each one without the interruption of the others, I am grateful for things that she told me, it confirmed what I was thinking, I would have to take up a whole page to write everything she had said, imagine 10 animals, I noticed when she left there was a difference in all of them, a calm, thank you Meg, If you have an animal that you would like to know about contact her, it will put you at ease to know what your pet is thinking."

Nevenka S., Toronto 

(In-Person, Dolittle House Call) 

"We have had two sessions with Meg and plan to have more. Meg has an incredible ability to not only connect with our dogs, past and present, but do so with an insane amount of compassion, empathy and clarity. Our sessions have allowed us to, so clearly, connect with our girls on their needs, likes and dislikes. The insights we gained from our sessions are completely actionable and have allowed us to become more in-tune and really hone in on delivering our best to them.


Meg was able to foreshadow upcoming health issues to be on the look for - she was spot on. She was also spot on with communicating messages from our beloved Bouvier who has crossed over. All in all, sessions with Meg are enlightening, enriching, insightful and exactly what pet owners need. Thanks Meg!"

Kaylyn H., Toronto

(Phone Reading)

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